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Intensive Barista Training

PHP 12,000 / pax PHP 15,000 / pax with lessons on Brewers

As its title suggests, participants of our Intensive Barista Training go through a rigorous 5-day program (6 hours a day) that allows them to progress into highly qualified and skilled baristas. Designed for those who are looking into obtaining comprehensive barista skills, it covers several disciplines that baristas must familiarize themselves with as front liners of a coffee establishment. Lessons include espresso machine operation, milk-based coffee presentation, and service workflow. Participants also have the option of including lessons on brewing coffee by hand through a variety of manual brewing equipment (brewers) in their program.


Tasting Like a Pro

PHP 2,000.00 / pax

Understanding the different flavors and tasting notes of coffee can be something totally unfamiliar even for an avid coffee drinker. This is where our Tasting Like a Pro classes come in handy. In these so-called “cupping” classes, we equip participants with the necessary skills for identifying, appreciating, and tasting different coffee bean varieties and their flavors.

During Tasting Like a Pro classes, participants are introduced to 5 - 8 coffee bean varieties (depending on the availability), and are given a run-down on why and how cupping is conducted, what is evaluated during the activity, how to describe the taste, what the cupping terminologies are, and what guidelines and tips are followed.


Roasting Class

PHP 15,000.00 / pax for 2-3 days

As roasting is a crucial component in the coffee-making process, knowing how to handle the beans before, during, and after the procedure is a must for those who want to be more precise with their drink. Our Roasting Class caters to the meticulous and hands-on coffee enthusiast or entrepreneur, with lessons on vital roasting know-how such as greens classification, greens handling, coffee bean development, effects of heat in the greens and its transition, and profiling the roasted coffee. The program culminates with actual roasting sessions that allow participants to apply what they learned from the discussions. 

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Last modification: Tue 27 Jun 2017

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